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Starting Stats
Journey Started: August 1, 2012
Height: 5"8"
Highest Weight: 260 lbs.
Starting Weight: 232.4 lbs.
Goal Weight: 150ish lbs.
Current Weight: see ticker above

Starting/Current Measurements 

Chest:  46"                              Chest: 41.75"
Arms: 16"                                Arms: 14.5"
Waist: 46"                               Waist: 39"
Hips: 52"                                 Hips: 47"
Thighs: 28"                              Thighs: 27"
 Calf: 17.25"                            Calf: 16.5"


In 2012 I have bounced between 216lbs and 226lbs to eventually hitting 232.4lbs in July 2012. 
(I am sure I hit 235 lbs easy at one point if not higher before I weighed in)

Above is a picture of my mom and I. I am about 12-14 weeks postpartum and 6-8 weeks post op
 (emergency gallbladder surgery March 2011)

I am the one in the pink top (if you couldn't figure out) I am the oldest and Have been the biggest (physically) sister always.

My husband and I with our graduating kinder early June 2012. In July I will step on the scale and be devastated with a weight of 232.4 lbs.

The Journey Starts

(so embarrassing kill me now, cant I just wait till I reach my goal to post these?? NOPE , gotta put it all out there!)

I chose a spot, an outfit and one additional item to take pictures in on a weekly basis. I felt this would help me and others to really be able to compare the difference as I get closer to my goal. This is a running outfit I trained in for my 10K. The top is an under armor size large womens and the bottoms are a 12/14 Danskin (i believe a yoga type bottom..boy that is one BIG booty, no wonder the hubs smacks it every time I walk by lol) The next item is a pair of jeans I wore prior to my last pregnancy, they are a size Missus 16 medium.
My first stop on my way to my goal is to be able to fit in these items and wear them comfortably.

Comparison Photos

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