Pebble Moments

My Pebble Moments

This is a list of  my pebble moments along my pebble path I want to arrive at during my healthy active life. Just a fun way to list my goals and milestones. I will score out and post a date  as I arrive at each Destination (of course I will blog about it with a pic too :). Check back because my list will change and grow as I do. This, for me is my adventurous journey.

Current Pebble Moments: 14!

(5) Walk 30 minutes without stopping 9/9/12
(6) Walk all 3 new trails @ Sunset Park 9/9/12
Walk my dog every day AM/PM for 7 days straight
Activate my BodyBugg
5 minute Wall Sit
2 minute Plank
Experiencing God bible study
(2) 20 minutes on elliptical without stopping 8/9/12
Zip Line down Fremont Street
(13)45 minutes on elliptical without stopping 12/11/12
Complete Leslies Walk Away the lbs 3 mile (start to finish)
A new pair of Brooks
Play a game of basketball with my son @ rec center
Love My Body ( fat and healthy)
(3) Cut my hair short (before goal weight)  9/2/12
STOP waiting to live when your thin, live now!
Wear shorts all day BEFORE I loose the weight.
Get a Wii fitness board
(8) Get a jogging stroller for the Baby   10/3/12
1 month of Boot Fit Camp
Master 2 Yoga moves
Master 5 Yoga moves
Master 10 Yoga moves
Master 15 Yoga Moves
Master 20 Yoga Moves
Head Stand
Do a right split
Do a left split
Do a center split
Do a cartwheel
Do a round off
Do a toe touch
Do 10 pushups (currently can do 0)
Do 10 Sit ups (currently can do 0)
Hike all 6 railroad tunnels at hoover Dam
Go to a  Zumba Class
Go to a Jazzercise Class
Take a walk with a walking group
Do one of those Hot Yoga classes
(7) Sign up for low impact Yoga class 9/14/12
Do a skyzone fitness class (indoor trampoline place)
Go rollerskating (at rink)
(9) Go rollerblading (neighborhood) 10/9/12
Go swimming in public with a bathing suit (and NO cover)
Go down a pool water slide (because I wont be wearing a cover:) 
Walk/Jog 5K
Run 5K Color Run in Feb. 2013
Run a 10K 2013
Run a 1/2 marathon 2014
Size 14
Size 12
size 10 ( not sure I have had 5 kids lol)
(14)Reach 215 lbs 12/12/12
Reach 210 lbs
Reach 200 lbs
Reach 190 lbs
Reach 180 lbs
Reach 170 lbs
Reach 160 lbs
Reach 150 lbs (this for number purposes is my goal number, but may change)
(11)  Reach 10 Pebble Moments 10/20/12
Reach 15 Pebble Moments
Reach 20 Pebble Moments
Reach 30 Pebble Moments
Reach 40 Pebble Moments
Reach 50 Pebble Moments!
(12)Post 25 Pictures of myself (even some I do not like) 10/20/12
Post 50 Pictures of myself (even some I do not like)
Post 100 Pictures of myself (even some I do not like)

ZION National Park
(hike each trail at least once)
Emerald Pools Trail 
Weeping Rock 
Riverside Walk (Gateway to the 
Observation Point 
Hidden Canyon 
Court of the Patriarchs 
The Sand Bench Loop 
The Watchman Trail 
Angels Landing 
Cable Mountain
Deertrap Mountain
Lower Pine Creek
Menu Falls 
Echo Canyon
The Zion Narrows -- 
Zion Narrows Day Hike 
Zion Narrows Top-Down Route 
Orderville Canyon 
Deep Creek

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