Tuesday, May 10, 2011

30 day organize-athon

So I have been working on the house since I knew the baby was coming, especially the last couple of weeks, thank you nesting! lol, for those of you who know flylady I have been a flybaby off and on for years. then after taking zoloft for post partum depression my eye really opened up to the chaos of clutter in the house. A big part of it was routines, I stink at routines. I am someone who craves routine and structure but seem to fall short on executing it ::shrugs::, a day or so ago coupon sense had a freebie alert on a free pdf work book from Michelle Connolly called 30-day oragnize-athon if you "like her facebook page you can get a free code to get it for free..I LOVE free :)

I especially LOVE to read anything related to organizing/decorating/decluttering. I love to read about new and creative ideas. I love things to run smooth and be efficient. As a wife and a mother to 5 I do not have time to look for those scissors for the 100th time today. I took a glance and I love the "missions", cleaning for me has to be a game cause it can be so B-O-R-I-N-G!!, This is probably why I love RPG games like World of Warcraft (no longer play) and the like..there is always a task (quest) to accomplish. this work book is set up in that way, all about 5 minutes or less.

On her actually website in big blue letters the product description is..
Tiny Time Commitment - Giant Organizing Gains! I AM SOLD!! LOL

I have made huge improvements in the house and rooms, but it did start to get boring, so the kids get out of school 30 days from tomorrow. I think it would be great to have done what this workbook has me do in the next 30 days. Less clutter=less mess, and during summer months the house turns into well Monster house O.O!

I have come to understand that it isn't so much my inability to keep my routines to a "t", but we still have too much clutter..I dont know what to do with it so I stuff it in a bag, the bag gets full, the bag goes in the box, the box gets full it gets taped shut and stacked in the garage till I have the "time" for it. and I can tell you 95% is paper of some sort, whether it be coupons I was saving, focus on the family magazines that had that great article, you know the one about....hmmm..well anyways I may need to read it again..LOL, junk mail I never got to and somewhere in there is my marriage certificate..o.O

So I am taking on the organize-athon challenge, will blog and post pics everyday of my progress. I would love to have the remainder of the clutter streamlined and what is staying organized so that I can spend the summer enjoying my husband kids and not so much battling with the house. Whenever I do something like this, God always teaches me something, so I am mostly looking forward to that.

Interested on taking on the challenge, you can get your workbook(pdf) by clicking on the link above to Michele Connolly's facebook. free for a limited time..29.99 after.

From the Inside Out,


  1. Thanks for the blog i downloaded it and i'm going to try this out too.