Friday, August 24, 2012

Still here fighting the good fight.

It has been a busy 2 weeks since my 7 day reboot. I've had hard, easy and in between days. I did not accomplish my exit plan from breaking my juice only fast but it is ok because I have not given up and I am still fighting to fight for my health and learning what works for me.

I found a new app I like better since it also uses my waist measurement. The other app didn't track my exact numbers for my weigh in just put a dot between numbers on a graph. Good thing u hadn't had that many wed weigh ins to remember. This app remembers my dates and actual numbers.

Here is a pic from wed weigh in this week. Kids go back to school on Monday and look forward to updating my blog then. Probably with a video because a ton has happened in two weeks and you could probably listen to it faster the reading it :)

My next weigh after breaking fast I went up like 9-10lbs but I had a small healthy loss in numbers my following week and my waist measurement continues to head south! :>

So until I can update my pages here is a screen shot of wed weigh in

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