Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pebble Moment #2

This morning I arrived at my second pebble moment!

It was really hard but I did it. I was able to do 20 solid minutes on my elliptical without stopping. Now this may not sound like much to someone else BUT for me this has taken a lot of effort and attempts. I arrived at the mental game when I had only 5 minutes left.

At that point I would of been done with my normal 15 minute routine. It was hot and my legs where begging me to stop. Looking at the count down timer does not help at all, seriously I think the time goes slower. Lol

Going forward the 20 minute mark is my new (temporary) minimum. If I could do 20 minutes today then I can do at least that any day going forward.

Darn flash got in the shot, hard taking a pic while moving ;D


  1. Congrats!! It's pretty exciting to hit a milestone for yourself. Keep it up!

  2. thank you, it does feel really good. Mostly only feels good after hitting it, not during trying to get there. but looking back I've noticed that somewhere in the last week I have looked forward to the "during" part and have less of a woe is me this is hard attitude. getting stronger and More confidence maybe?? :)