Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Twas a night before Mean Green Reboot

Well I have everything all set for my juice fast that will start tomorrow..guess technically today. Haven't been sleeping well last couple of weeks and my regular sleep schedule is all messed up. Summer break tends to do that.

7 days of juicing and 26 days till back to school. So it is a busy day later today. The Hubs went with me to Winco today to help me shop for my juice fast. Every single item I needed was on an awesome sale. I did purchase 2 items out side of the original recipe. A 25lb bag of carrots ( i wont nearly use all of it but will make carrot juice for kiddos everyday) and a bag of spinach. For personal preference I will be adding these two ingredients to the recipe. Without the carrots and spinach I'm around $9-10 a day. That is configuring 6 juices in one day. Min recommendation is 4 juices but I will listen to my body and have enough ingredients for 3-5 days.

The Hubs plans to start his juice fast when I finish mine. Purchasing these extra items within our already tight budget for a family of seven was a little tough. My couponing and stockpile will help make up the difference so that is not a stressor.

Below at bottom is a pic of 3-5 days worth of juicing Mean Green.

I am thankful for our over flow fridge due to our families size. I did not want to set myself up to have to run out during the tuffest detox days. Below is also a pic of my juice stock in the fridge.

Recipe I will use is,

1 cucumber
6 Kale stems
1/2 lemon
2 green apples
1 handful spinach (my add)
1 carrot ( my add)
4 celery stalks
1/2" fresh ginger ( I decreased from 1")

Other items is herbal tea and lots and
Lots of water. 64-100 oz.

Well I will get a start pic (possibly video) and some stats and will blog in the evening of each day. I may put together a twitter account to tweet during the day to not overload my blog with tons of posts. But I will let you know.

A little (ok a lot) nervous on the inside but also strangely feeling encouraged.


  1. Just wanted to add, none of my items are Organic. General rule of thumb dePending where you live. Rebooting organic will double your cost. This will be a goal for my next reboot as I felt it was better to start then save and wait.

  2. so funny, you added spinach and carrots to your "mean green". me too! that's my basic juice, and like you, we can't swing organic...we live on a budget, and the hub and the dogs have to eat as well (our kids are grown). :)

    1. That combo is good for my taste buds :) I look forward to using the mean green as a staple but branching out with more variety on this next reboot we are getting ready for.