Monday, July 30, 2012

Mean Green Reboot

Today I am mentally feeling a lot better and physically a little bit better. I have been thinking about what to do next since my last weigh in. To be honest I am not the only one tipping the scale these days. My dear Hubby has hit a personal high in the weight department.

We both are struggling in our own ways about it. For him it is more about tomorrow, when I have more time, after this meeting etc etc... For me, it is, what is the point, really! I have been here so many times before. Gain the weight, lose a good amount of weight, then usually a pregnancy then gain it back plus some then get mad lose a bit of weight, get pregnant and the cycle repeats.

I look back on all the things I accomplished prior to baby C and I realized it was my most successful attempt out of all of them. So I started to think about what was different. I took my time and I had baby step goals that made a path to my eventual goal of weight and lifestyle. But the milestones I had where fun ones. Gave me something to not only work towards but to look forward too.

I guess the only place to start is back to basics. I loved the 5K's I did during that time, I loved remembering how accomplished I felt when I ran my first 10K and didn't stop to walk not one time. Two things in life I loved when I was younger, reading ( which I recently made time for in my life again) and running. I love to run. I am no way in any condition to just head out and run but I do know how to get there again. (maybe practice does make perfect)

So I started with a short term goal and a long term goal. To participate in a 5K around Thanksgiving (if not a turkey trot itself) and long Term (not that Feb is that far away but far enough) To participate in The Color Run 5K here in Las Vegas.

From there I can start building my baby steps that lead to those to events. The first one is to Detox my body, I figure I feel like crap as it is so it is a good time. I can tell by my acne breakout, headaches, mood swings and other signs (other then my weight gain) that I am toxic.

I will go on a Juice Fast, I have done this before after watching a documentary Fat, Sick and nearly Dead about Joe Cross who went on a juice fast. It is an amazing documentary and is available on Netflix and online through the link.

Deciding how long to go on the fast is the scary part, In the past I did 2 days juice only then 3 days of juice and fresh fruits and veggies. It was REALLY hard. I stopped because I did not want to face my food issues and played good with my food for awhile. I am shooting for a goal of 7/14 days. 7 days juice and water only then 7 days of juice, water and fresh fruits and veggies only. The first 3 days is the hardest of detox and its the rest of the week the mental battle really begins.

I decided I have to make one commitment, and that is to blog about my juice fast whether I make it or not.

My fast begins on August 1, 2012. If you by any chance read this and it has not passed August 14th then please pray for me, because I am scared of not having food to comfort me or to hide in.

Hopefully on August 14th..My 34th Birthday I will be celebrating my first baby step :)

Click on links above to learn more about Juicing and Joe Cross.

Here is to getting my Juice On!

Rebooting my Mind and my Body.......Breaking Free from the inside...

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