Monday, September 3, 2012

Pebble Moment #3

Yesterday I did something I have been afraid to do since being over weight. I CHOPPED my hair short! (yes you can be overweight and work be beautiful with a short cut) I loved wearing my hair short when I was younger and it looked good on me. It is a good cut for my head shape and my hair type.

I tried a few times in the last 15 years with no success, It was once a really bad experience, and other times I did like my cut but mentally wasn't ready, I felt more fat and to me looked fatter. Since I read a fellow bloggers post about having to love yourself and your body now, not waiting until you "think" your skinny because being thin does not improve your low self-esteem or magically change those old tapes. So I have been working on this mental change.

Also the other part is I stopped living and doing things that I want or suppressing things about who I am because I am fat. As if hiding behind my strangling, thin, unhealthy long hair somehow made me 30lbs lighter. Honestly it just added and completed my frumpy PJ look. Whether I have long hair or short hair i am still fat, and thats just a fact. So why not just be happy now?? sad/hiding fat girl...or fun/living it up fat girl..Ill go with the fun fatty! :D

Interesting since my cut (and it has only been 24 hours) but I did not have a desire to wear PJ's and I had the desire to put on make up and get outside with my family and not hide int he house. I am pretty on the inside and I am starting to see the beauty of my outside when I look in the mirror.

Another blogger on my side bar (Skinny Emmie) has also inspired me to look my best no matter my size. It feels good to look good and is very healthy for me on the inside to take care of my outside.

I am not saying I will never wear my PJ's again in public, but I will buy some prettier ones :)

So Yay for Pebble Moment # 3 and loving myself :)

on a side note I wanted to go for a shorter pixie cut, but I did not want to give my hubby a heart attack. He prefers and likes me to have long hair but he is supportive and once the shock wears off I know he will like it. It is more sexy and sassy and more suited to my personality ( which I am finding I have one, I thought I left it behind in high school lol)

I will get high/low lights when I do my maintenance cut in 4-6 weeks and there is some tweeking to to do to get the cut just right for me but I am enjoying the change and having fun with it. I need to go find some fun accessories for my new hair do!

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