Friday, December 28, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In 12-26-2012

First time I've been through a holiday and lost weight. I have been trying not to over think my food and use common sense. Like 2 cookies vs the whole tray type thing. I also did not have any goodies available that are triggers and the goodies I did enjoy I made them at home so I could choose the ingredients in them.

In August I set a mini goal number wise for 210 lbs or less by the new year. Not sure as I have 4 days before I weigh in with a little over 2 lbs to go. I then have an official monthly measure/weigh in the next day. I'm going to keep the course and I am happy with where I am regardless of the number I see next week because I know the weight I arrive at at the end of the year is one I got to in a healthy way.

Being patient From the Inside Out...

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