Thursday, January 3, 2013

You deleted What!?!?

My sweet sweet boys of the house. They are always doing "projects". Anyone with boys probably knows what I talking about.

Building, tinkering etc. throw in our time of technology in the mix and well, what happened..happened.

There is a nifty app for iPhones and iPads so if it is lost or stolen you can log in an locate it. It also gives you a security feature and my 11 year old son being curious as he is pushed the little button and that was the end of ALL my data on my iPad!! :( sigh...

I have been storing all my data since August first in it and not once backed it up. First thing I learned when computers debut with those cool apples... Save save save.

Sooo I'm working on gathering data and info and trying to recover some info I may have loaded to facebook, twitter etc I was going to post about in my end of year posting.

Living with boys and trying to keep a smile From the Inside Out...

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