Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In : 12/5 and 12/12

I am in month 4 since I started. I am down 18 lbs and 22 total body inches. I was down 3lbs on 12/5 and down another 1 lb for this mornings weigh in. I am feeling really good. It is still hard. I wouldn't say it is getting easier, just that I am getting BETTER at it :). Scheduling, prioritizing, and getting stronger both in body and mind.

My other weight tracker app is acting wonkie, so testing out a different one. Think I might like this one better. The projections on the other one always seemed to be off.

I have to choose everyday how I am going tho think about myself and treat myself. After trying almost every diet out there and every work out program I am finally thinking for myself and finding what MY healthy is. I do not believe any one way is the right way for all. I have spent my whole life doing what other people are doing or saying what I should be doing. Well in my defense they aren't the fat one or the one with a chaos messy of a house right. They must know what they are doing, right?? well yes, but not in the way I thought. They are doing what works for them in their life.

I saw a quote pic today and it said, "Let others be guides, not goals. You are your own unique person!

I don't have to get up at 5am and go running then be dedicated to hit the gym for 2 hours after. One I am not a morning person, it would make me grumpier and 2 I have kids and a husband to take care of. Does that mean I am not dedicated. No! all it means is that is not my path. We all have to start somewhere and I have, started where another has but what I have learned this time around is to find my own way and what works with me and my family and our lifestyle. its not that it makes it easier but it does help me to be more successful of being consistent with it. That is key to anything you choose to do or how you choose to do it.

My December goals are going well so far. I have had 12 days of straight activity for December and 14 days straight days total. Was not always easy or highly motivated to do it, just over the weekend I waited until 11:30 pm to get my min minutes in I needed to do for it to count. But hey I did it and that's what counts right lol At this point I am not going to stress over the "right" or "wrong" way or time or etc to get moving. Don't know how this will change over time. But not going to worry about that now.

I have taken the same approach with my food. A common sense approach. If I am hungry eat, If it makes me feel like crap don't eat it. If it makes me feel good then eat it. If anything, I have gotten really good at these last 4 months is listening to my body and becoming familiar with all the side effects good and bad whenever I move or eat something.

I have met my blogging goal this week. Still would like to journal more in my personal journal. But it will get there. Just got to keep working on it everyday.

I have looked for people to encourage on facebook and I am doing great in my December challenges. I continue to break my personal best records for my wall sit and plankAday.

 Posting my yogaAday pictures have been challenging for me and I am working that out. It feels strange when people like those photos as well. I fond it kinda uncomfortable when it is men vs women liking my pictures too. Weird right?!? well I am working through it and will blog about that soon. In the mean time I try not to think to much and just do it. Take them and post them.

I found a self timer app and had to play catch up as my 2 yr old is not the best picture taker lol. Should stay on track now daily since I will not have to wait on the hubby or older kids to snap a picture for me.

Truth is, I am probably way more uncomfortable with my body then anyone else in the world is. With that said you can find me on facebook, Instagram and twitter and I would LOVE to follow you if you have any or all of those accounts too.

I have progress photo collages done of day 1 vs day 131. However, kiddos are about to get home so I have to run. But they deserve a post to themselves :D

Finding my healthy From the Inside Out...

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