Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Day 4

Had a great day today and set some new personal best records on my plank and wall sit challenges. I am so curious to see what my best time will be by the end of the month.

Just when I think I can not surprise myself anymore, I do. I really do underestimate myself and how strong I am getting and how much more stronger I will get.

I have now had 6 (4 if just counting December) straight days of physical activity. Most I have ever done since being out of high school. One thing is in all my previous attempts I have had rest days/cheat days. Well for the time being I am not going to schedule for that. Everyday I want to be active in some way. This is feeling more of a permanent change, not a diet, something temporary where I go back to my old habits.

Right now my appetite is weird. With all the activity I am feeling physically hungry, every couple of hours hungry. So I need to look into all of that info. I know a bit but I guess for now if  i'm hungry I will eat I have lots of fresh veggies and fruit to choose from. I know that will get all sorted out. I am just happy I am craving good foods and not junk foods, so I say that is a win!

The next most awesome thing was, but first let me go back a bit. A couple of months back I wrote about how getting healthy and wanting to live an active life was not being very friendly to my marriage and was a really weird time for me. Not being on the same page as your spouse can be a hard place to be. I did not figure out any answers then or since then, but what I did do was choose to just keep pushing forward with my personal health goals. Hoping and praying the Husband would eventually join me and would grow to include our kids, one big healthy active family :).

Well at the end of homework today the husband said "ok, you done with homework yet cause daddy wants to go on a bike ride. I could not believe my ears. After homework we got out the bikes, roller blades and the jogging stroller and headed out.

It was so unexpected and perfect :)

This post is my 50th post, another milestone for me. I am loving day 4 From the Inside Out.....

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