Friday, March 1, 2013

SOCAL Warrior Dash 2013

Las Vegas Warrior Dash in October has been cancelled. Total bummer! My Vegas Bestie and The Hubs both signed up to go.

This would have been Las Vegas's second year warrior dash (glad I braved the first one and did not miss out), but according to the email, "multiple factors with the vendor..." they cancelled. hopefully it will get all worked out and they will come back for 2014.

So instead the bestie "bobbie" and I are making it a girls weekend and travelling to SOCAL Lake Elsinore,CA  for their warrior dash and will be seeing my Cali bestie "Melissa" and her family.

Here is the countdown, I have some weight loss and fitness goals I want to hit before the race. Sorry I have not updated on my blog in awhile. I really do miss it. I have been spending a lot of time on my facebook page, instagram and MFP (my fitness pal) tracking my journey (come find me over there!). I do however, have a lot to update on my blog and some comparison pictures to update and Pebble Moments!

For now here is my countdown clock to SOCAL!

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