Thursday, December 8, 2011

Withdrawls Suck!

as the title states very clearly WITHDRAWLS SUCK!!!

My head is throbbing, I feel like i am STARVING!!

anyone who does not believe processed food is evil should try not eating it for more then 24 hours. My heart knows that I will get through this and I will be healthier because of it but my BRAIN wants a BURGER, FRIES and a COKE soooooooooooooooooo bad!

i know just one little can of coke will stop my misery..for maybe 24 is not a long term solution(like polishing off some brownies last night is proof it is temporary, cause i WANT more brownies now, a whole pan! WHY??? ugh...) that is healthy just like these symptoms are not long term.

you should seriously see my face i look like a pimpled out teen and my hair and skin is so oily and thats after a shower...sooo gross..processed food is poisin, one look in the mirror is proof of that.

But that also tells me the good foods I am eating and all the water i am drinking is doing it's job. flushing the toxins and crap out of my body.

I really want to come to a perspective that when i look at processed foods, goodies, fast food etc that it is poisin to my body and it is an addictive drug, i wouldnt touch cocaine or herion, honestly i shouldnt touch this crap either it is just as bad.

that will take time but everytime i think of that box of brownies (all 15 boxes) in my pantry i remind myself it is poisin and harmful to my body and brain.

so what else to do?

1.gonna make some decaf green tea with some cinamon, half the caffeine of coffee and full of super good things for me and may give me the relief i need from my headache.
2. take another relaxing shower
3. remember i can have foods i love and enjoy not just how conveniently and boxed im use too.

From the Inside Out..

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