Saturday, February 11, 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog...?

After my last post I have been asking myself, "Why do I want to blog?",,(or should I for that matter). I first thought about why do people blog in general. There are so many reasons why people blog. To share information, to encourage and help others, to promote products/merchandise. They also blog to keep an online diary, and that has many versions and reasons as well.

One thing I think all bloggers have in common (and this is my opinion), is they want to be heard. I think we all like the idea that someone is out there listening..(or should I say reading :), what we have to say or think, maybe even interested in our little life. The point is I think the giant unknown world of the Internet gives each one of us our special unique place to share what we want to share.

I can honestly say I am one that blogging online gives me the sense that I have a voice and that I am being whether I am or not doesn't really matter..what I have to share is out there and waiting for anyone who would like to stop and read about my thoughts or experiences.

Blogging also makes me feel like I am not alone...not sure exactly why this is because 1. I am not an active blogger, 2. have a ton of followers or 3. have any real activity in the comments section..but for me I feel like I am in good company.

I do have a purpose for this blog. My blog is for sharing my life's experience and writing about how God is using it in my life to make me a new creation. This is open to every area of my life, being a mother, wife, sister, daughter, stranger etc.

I am most encouraged by life and challenged in my relationship with God by others sharing their life's experiences and in return I believe it is the best way to pay it forward to others who may stumble upon my blog as I have stumbled upon others when it mattered most.

For example.. A Favorite Blogger..The Parable of The Lost Son , So I technically didnt stumble on her blog as I know her in real life..but she posted this minutes after I posted my previous post and it was just amazing to me. God talked to me about My circumstance through her sharing her thoughts on a situation close to home.

So..what do I really want to achieve with my blog??.. transparency and self reflection, but I do want to do so with love and respect..but at the same time if I am feeling raw anger..isn't that just as honest??? I love positive only blogs, I really do..but the ones I enjoy most are the ones that share the good the bad and the ugly (hey maybe I should change my blog, like some of my favorite bloggers. Because that is the most honest thing we relate to because we all get angry, experience judging, greed, jealousy and sometimes as a Christian I feel like I need to be a "good" christian I have to sensor or hide those feelings and only share the great happy ending and not the landfill of crap God got me through in order to get to the great happy part.

So I decided that I will blog and I will blog my heart and others can love it or hate it, agree or disagree. They can even judge me, but this is my own little space in the Internet world to share to the great unknown about how God takes everyday life (the good, the bad and the ugly) and uses it to mold me into the daughter He wants me to be.

How about you??(yes you!) Why do you blog?

PS. I Love to write! :)

from The Inside Out....

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