Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pebble Moment 10: Warrior Dash!

On 10/20/12 I completed Pebble Moment #10!!!

I am still excited and in awe that I completed the Warrior Dash. my Nevada bestie who is 60 years young did the Dash with me. She is an unbelievable inspiration. I do not know if i could of done it without her and her support.

It took us 41 minutes a mile approximately. We had an idea of what to expect, but we found out very quickly we really had no clue lol.

most of our course was working our way uphill. It was physically draining. The two toughest obstacles out of the 12 for me was the clay mud pit and the 65 yard army crawl under barbwire. The obstacle i was afraid of the most was the dreaded wall, believe it or not it was one of the easiest!

I faced a lot of fears today, I wont say i wasn't afraid because i was, but I made the choice i would do it, do it afraid if I had to. The first climb over obstacle triggered the most anxiety and took everything i had not to freeze at top. The boards where far apart for my comfort and transitioning to turn around to go down other side was the scariest part.

My confidence increased, no, it sky rocketed after the first 3 obstacles. The height/climbing obstacles got better and I tackled them braver each time. The transition at top was probably the most scariest. It did not help that other people where on it at the same time making it creek and move as your trying to keep steady lol.

In my age group of 30-39 yr old women there where 713 participants. I can say I was not first but with a sense of accomplishment I can tell you I was 710 :) I wasn't last!

My 60 year young friend took 2nd place in her age division. Now granted not that man 60+ women did the race here in Vegas and that alone tells you just how Amazing she is!

Before I share the things I learned lets get to pictures!!

Bobbie before our wave started.

 Bobbie in our first obstacle
The longest 65 yards of my life. The volunteer in Red on the right was so encouraging. By time Bobbie and I finished this obstacle we where the only two left.
I was very nervous to do this one. I do not have very good upper body strength, but it was surprisingly easier then it looked.
 This was my first up and over obstacle and was the scariest one. Took everything I had not to freeze at the top.
 Bobbie and her Blonday Awesomeness!
 Our highest up and over obstacle. Very easy to climb but the transition over top was scary for me.
Bobbie up top, she went first :)
Bobbie headed down the cargo climb. We had to come up on the other side and go backwards down.

Steepest climb out of the whole course. I seriously almost puked once I go to the top. it was intense. Even those who looked very physically fit had to walk it.

bobbie on one of my favorites, the teeter totter walk.
Me in the Tire crawl. This was actually hard for me and these tires where hard, hurt almost just as bad as the gravel and rocks on the army crawl.

Bobbie making her way out of the tire crawl

me scaling the wall. Those slats are not very wide at all. this is the obstacle I was most afraid of but with help from the yoga pose frog, i was able to do it!

bobbie on the wall

Bobbie coming down the mounds. I slid and almost face planted on that big rock on the lower right corner of the pic. Sent pins needles through me but i recovered uninjured :)

Yeah Bobbie! leaping over the Warrior Fire, only one last obstacle to go!
In my proof at top of post you can see the last obstacle after the fire. We had to swim in mud under barb wire then cross over the finish line. It was Amazing and we did IT!!
Bobbie and I after we crossed the finish Line!

A much needed bath in Lake Las Vegas!

Bobbie getting her Grub on!

Me getting my grub on, that turkey leg was so yummy!

Victory meal. I am not a drinker of beer but it was free for finishers (legal age to consume, of course) so in the spirit of the experience i took one drink. This was the best meal ever :)

Bobbie took 2nd place in 60+ Womens!

Bobbie Warrior Dash 2012 Las Vegas

Chrystal Warrior Dash Las Vegas 2012

Vegas Warriors!

Blonday Warriors!

Bobbie and I after the most physical challenging and rewarding experience of our lives (to date of course :)

Bruising on inner side of right knee. my left knee and forearms match :)

 will never forget this experience. I learned a lot. I was not able to get out of bed for a whole day. Every muscle in my body felt shredded. Every bone in my body ached. As much pain as I felt, it also strangely felt good. i did not suffer any major injuries. however I did get some gnarly bruising from the two crawl obstacles.

What did I learn?

I am not Capable!

I am not Determined!

I am not Strong!

I am  noBrave!

I can not be Fearless!

I am not everything God says I am!

Learning. From the Inside Out.....

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  1. That is AWESOME! I've done 4 half marathons with my children and I know it's quite an accomplishment to participate in ANY physical event! My daughter recently did Tough Mudder Nevada, which reminds me of your Warrior Dash. Great job!