Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In 10/24/12

Super busy exciting week. Will be updating on the Warrior Dash I did on the 20th.

So I broke my replacement phone at the warrior dash :( I have not had a good streak with phones and missing my iPhone desperately.

Glad I kept my weigh ins on paper as I had to redo my app on another device.
Seriously ::slaps forehead::

It has been slow and steady and an up and down but my measurements and clothing have remained consistent.

Eating at home and staying off tv and being active is working for me. For November I will be stepping it up and have a few challenges I will be taking on, I will share about later.

Pic of this weeks progress is below. As you can see for the first time I am not below my target line. But I am ok with that, lost another .5" this week on my waist. I look forward to doing my monthly pictures and measurements next week.

Taking it one day at a time from the Inside Out..

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