Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pebble Moment # 7 - 9/14/12

Pebble Moment #7 was signing up for a low impact yoga class..well what is more low impact than a kids yoga class! We love this recreational Gym, and we have been members here since it opened. We started coming here with my friend Bobbie and her granddaughters before their bio mom got custody back. Bobbie still comes and takes this yoga class with me. (she is a great friend as mentioned in another pebble moment :)

I have gone now to 3 or 4 classes, they are once a week on Fridays and my favorite "scheduled' exercise class and one or both of my daughters join me as well. I keep forgetting to get pictures of me by the end of class because my butt has been kicked ( yes in a child's yoga class). The instructor took this photo of my daughter "E" doing the Bird of Paradise pose. What is cute about this picture is each girl in the photo as at a stage of the pose. my daughter in front is in the middle stage, the girl behind her is in the beginning stage and the girl in the back is in the end stage.

What is fun about this class for me is it is very easy to not be self conscious around little kids at this age. They openly welcome you and tell you, "you can do it, just keep practicing". The instructor is amazing and balances the class well for Bobbie and I to be involved and I really like the kids yoga games, they are fun and you realize how much work just playing does to your body once class is over.

She also does a great job of leaving us in hold while she helps a younger one perfect their form..( this I believe may be intentional lol)

Getting Flexible from the Inside Out...

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