Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pebble Moments 4, 5 and 6! 9/9/12

I am really excited to be updating my Pebble Moments, in my journey these are the things I look forward to the most. They are moments along my journey that in a tangible way validate strength, courage, and faithfulness in God. I could not do any of these things without Him. In a current bible study we are studying James. I keep reading it over and over every day. Today what jumped out at me was Faith without Works. In my journey I can have all the Faith God will heal me and help me be healthy, but where is my part. I can not change my actions and rely on my faith alone. God needs me to do my part too. I realized today when I made the choice to start living and doing things now WHILE God helps me is my faith at work in my actions. Let me tell you that as a result blessing our pouring :)

On this day I met a friend at a local park here in Vegas. They put in new walking/running/biking trails. You can take different routes and even walk your way around all of them. Gives you a total of over 4 miles. this was a small step towards a bigger goal of the 6 train tunnels at hoover damn and its uphill one direction. We started at this park to gauge my ability while being safe. Get stuck out at tunnels no cell service and a few miles either direction to help probably not a good thing.

well, we did the whole thing with our Dogs. I was able to walk my goal times without stopping and unsuspectingly walked all the trails. It took us 1.5 hours. It was a beautiful morning and a lot of fun. Afterwards we made are way to the lake at the park and sprinklers where one. We ran through them with the dogs, to feel like you have the playfulness the energy and the mobility of a child was an amazing feeling. I felt very strong and healthy this day.

Tebow and I at the end of our trails walk.

Bobbie and I after our sprinkler fun. Did I tell you she is 60 years young! She is an amazing friend, inspiring and supportive of my goals. She has lots of energy and doesn't skip a beat, i can barely keep up with her.

Here is the map of the trails, the bottom section with the green bushes and at an angle to the top right is the ground we covered.

Starting to feel young and healthy from the inside out....

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