Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pebble Moment #8

I have some exciting news about a change in a race I have on schedule. So this is about the first step to completing a pebble moment that led to a completion of a necessary one :)

On my Pebble Path I have a list of things or experiences I want to accomplish on my journey. Things that will challenge me and help me grow From the Inside Out. (hence name of my blog:) On my pebble path I have moments of races I want to do. I originally set a goal of the Turkey Trot in November this year (2012).

Well I love fun races, I have the Color Run on my path as well in February. I figured I would be "ready" by then and strong enough. Since then I have decided to not let fear be a part of the decisions I make during this journey. There was a lot of fear of "i can't" before the very least. Since starting to live life and step out of my comfort zone I am getting stronger a lot faster then I gave myself credit for. My mind, I know is ahead a few steps of my body, but as long as I am being safe in what I am doing I say LETS DO IT!!

So do what you say??.. the Warrior DASH!!

yuuup! 10/20/12 Warrior Dash here I come ready or not :) So another amazing thing about this, my friend Bobbie ( yes the 60 yr young friend I have) has not only signed up to help me get ready for it, but she signed up to do it with me!!

I do not know if we will walk it, jog it, run it, or crawl it (some rolling, laughing and crying will likely be involved too)..but believe me no matter how we cross or get to the finish line we will have a load of fun doing it.

So this leads to Pebble #8, my awesome friend found a really CHEAP jogging stroller at a yard sale for me and baby "c". ( she is a yard sale diva!) My oldest son and I took the baby and Tebow (our dog) and trained on a hill in our neighborhood last night. Well lit and by a school, we tied Tebow to the fence walked up and sprinted down, back and forth for 20 minutes. My oldest towards the end pushed me to sprint up and then walk/jog down, boy did that burn sooooo good,  last thing on my mind was a chocolate cake by time we walked home lol.

Baby "C" will not be joining me for the Warrior Dash but he and my middle son will be joining me for the Color Run.

Moving from the Inside Out.....

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