Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday 10/10/12

I love following Blogger on similar journeys to mine. It is very encouraging, validating and often times my biggest source of reminders.

The day before my weigh in Wednesday two bloggers posted on facebook about the topic the number on the scale. One blogger asked what do you do when the number on the scale will not move and you are ready to give up? ( check her out @ The Coffee Pot Chronicles)

Here is a direct quote of my response... "I start using measurements along with the scale to track, I check how I feel in my clothes, how I feel physically over all and I look at my fitness bucket list of all the things I've done and experienced on this journey. That all reminds me this is all more then a number then I go play with my kids."

Now these are all tips I have picked up on my back and forth journey along the way. What was I can only explain Gods timing to her question. Even though I know these things, I have not thought about them because I am in the early stages of weight loss where it melts off in the beginning. I do not know how many times I have been here, but enough to know that I knew I would be coming up on a gain (not menstrual related) or a no change sometime soon. She challenged me to stop and think about that and it was a good thing. Because I would need my words the very next morning for my weigh in.

Since I had taken the time to reflect on this scenario before it actually happened allowed me to be prepared for when it did. I had no anxiety this week as I got on the scale wondering if this would be the week there would be no loss, what I did not expect was a gain though. but because I had an "emotional safety plan" in place I was able to step off that scale as confident as I was stepping on it.

I had a 1.2 lb gain this week. I bet it is muscle :) either way, my clothe feel great, I roller bladed a 1 hour and 15 minute session, took walks, played with my kids, and explored the neighborhood on a bike ride with the  girls looking at houses decorated for Halloween. Not only did I look at my accomplished Pebble Moments but I completed one this week too.

What I did have though was a loss on my waist :)

I understand that the number on the scale alone does not define who I am or what I am able to do. It is just one tool of many you can use on a weight loss. I appreciate online weight loss communities that remind us and challenge us through these journeys we have.

I am still on track according to the green line on my nifty app, but what is most important is that...

I am more then a number From the Inside Out...........

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