Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In : Turkey Bomb!

I survived Halloween and Thanksgiving better then I expected. I was surprised my last entry was October 31st. Time flys when your having fun being healthy :)

I did not gain any wait until this weigh in. I got a double whammy which I call the "Turkey Bomb!". Not only where there temptations to overload on goodies like pumpkin pies and eggnog but it was also the week of my menstrual (I know great combo right). Was really hard with the cravings, mood swings and the extreme fatigue. I managed yoga and considering my weight gain for two weeks I did pretty well. Before I could of easily ate triple chocolate fudge cake to 4-6 lbs. Actually since August 1st this is my first weight gain with a menstrual cycle I have had.

What really tipped me over was the pop (yes I am from Michigan). I drank more pop then I usually do, even on a cycle. It gave me the relief from the headaches and the little bursts of energy I needed to keep the house running smooth. Prior I just hit the bed for the first 3 days everyone fending for themselves. So I did not use the most healthiest option but it was what I had and rolled with it. I will be doing research on what else I can use in place because soda and that amount of sugar is not what I need or want to go to going forward.

So what I took from these last two weeks is it is about progress not perfection. This is a constant evolving process. Always something new to try and always something new to learn all the while trying to stay balanced with all that info while fitting it into your lifestyle and your budget.

I learned some new things about myself to with Novembers challenges. I will blog about that this weekend, for today it is about weigh in and some number stats. As you can see this gain in weight and waist has bumped me over my orange line which gauges how well I am staying on track to reach my estimated number goals. Great thing is I am honestly not freaking over it and I LOVE that! something like this before would of felt so defeating and would of beat myself up over it and ate my way another few pounds and maybe came back around in a few weeks to a few months. One time I beat myself up for a year, that was at my worse, blowing up to a high of 260lbs.

So, I guess I am really starting to Love myself from the Inside Out...


  1. And you are doing so great!
    About the low energy level, you should do some research about using Vitamin C.
    I've used it since 2 months and it really helps keeping my energy level at a normal point.
    It helps the best against an afternoon dip!
    I have a bunch of Dutch website, but that won't help you, sorry.
    But again, you are doing great!

    1. Thanks for the info I will check into that and thanks for telling me how great I am doing :)