Sunday, December 2, 2012

Decembers Goals/Challenges

Like to recap November before I move onto December. I had some challenges for the month of November. The first time I tried something like this. The point was to step things up a bit and increase my activity and to also challenge myself.

One of the challenges was to do Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD. I can tell you that I was able to do 1 day! yep that's right, 1 day. I was in more pain for 3 days then I was after the warrior dash LOL

The journaling went well the first 1-2 weeks. This I know will take time and I will continue to work on it. i always feel like i have too much to say when I sit and write and not enough time to do it. I think I can do it later. Funny how that rolls over to other areas of our lives too. I said to my teen the other day, " you know, with you it is always tomorrow, tomorrow , tomorrow, yet tomorrow never comes. You only have today!

Great advice mom, you should take it.. (I thought to myself) :D

I did learn from the experience and did learn something about myself. The type of workout the 30 day shred is, is not for me, not in a solo environment anyways. I would love that type of workout in a group. At this stage I am not the compete against myself type. I found that I am more motivated competing against others or participating in a group setting with that type of workout.

So after a little bit of experience in setting goals/challenges one time for a month I am going to try again for December. I can only get better right?!

I finished getting up my facebook page The Pebble Path up and running. I found new friends and joined some groups that have challenges going on. This is more up my alley.

I personally want to see that I participate in some form of activity 20-60 minutes a day for everyday of December. Participating in these challenges will help with that. Everyday I do one plank, 1 wall sit, and a yoga pose and I post my results/photo accordingly in each group.

My weekly goals focus again on getting my thoughts on paper and tracking my food and activity. 
I struggle with self hate issues, so I put something in there to find 1 or more person encourage and to physical post an Operation Beautiful post it when I am out and about. (you can click on the link to see what that is)

I have learned the best medicine for getting out of yourself is to encourage or be in service to others.

The best thing about November I do have to say was, I was busy living life :) spending time with friends, family, the husband, the kids, hobbies and my home. I may have not came close to meeting Novembers goals, but I have no regrets for November. I did not backslide, struggle with depression etc. I was more then just busy, I was productive. 

Looking forward to December From the Inside Out...


  1. Hi! Saw you popped over onto my facebook page and wanted you to know I'm popping over to say hi! I love your goals that you have set up! You are going to do great this December!

    1. PS: This is Stephanie from !

    2. Thanks Stephanie :) love your blog name. I am working on my mommy one too. Lip Gloss and Stinky Feet, I will let you know when it is up. Look forward to visiting your blog and thanks for coming over :)